Provide x Sum Cellar

Provide x Sum Cellar

Sum Cellar Football Jersey

Sum Cellar is a name you've probably heard a lot recently. Headed up by George Hadley and Brad Price, the Birmingham based party has been gaining a reputation over the last few years as one of the best in the Midlands. Our first meeting was in 2015 when George came across our BHX tees and we found a shared enthusiasm for Birmingham's burgeoning creative scene. Then in 2016, Sum Cellar residents (who now include Bill Cuttin, Werdna, JustJay, Kinny, Jimmy Magic, Sake and Itmek) hosted the opening party for our pop up shop, Best of Brum. 

Sum Cellar x Provide

Since then both brands have been vocal in support of each other, so another collaboration has been on the cards for a while. We're now excited to release a limited number of Provide x Sum Cellar football jerseys, complete with a custom co-branded club badge. The key detail is a patterned strip around the middle of the shirt, with a design lifted from the geometric shapes lining the underpasses of the A34. Striking in their own right, these patterns hold significance for the team behind Sum Cellar, who have spent years traveling back and forth on that road in and out of Birmingham City Centre. Recreated here by Provide, we think it makes for a pretty amazing fabric print too.

Sum Cellar

We have only made a few of these, so if you want in on this special collaboration, get yours now.

If this is the first you've heard of Sum Cellar, here's an introduction by way of a Rinse FM Birmingham Takeover:

And if that has you on board, join us at Lab 11 on July 21st where we'll be celebrating this collaboration in style with help from Sharda and Jossy Mitsu.

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