Provide x Seven 9 Signs

Provide x Seven 9 Signs


Since we first opened up shop in 2012, Provide has been built on relationships. We have nurtured a community of creative talent around the Provide brand, and many of Birmingham's finest artists and craftspeople have become close friends. One of those friends is Jim Kerr, head honcho at Seven9Signs.

Zoot Posters

We first met Jim when we were preparing to open our Custard Factory shop six years ago. Upon learning that he was responsible for some of our favourite 'public art' in the city, we asked him to cover one of the shop's walls in his distinctive graphic posters. It became an instant talking point in the shop, but Jim's work had started to move in a new direction.


Having always been heavily influenced by vintage typographic styles, Jim started to develop his love of lettering into an obsession with traditional hand painted signs. After a period of observing an old master, Jim started to work on his own lettering - and one of the first commercial windows he painted was in our Custard Factory shop. Fast forward to 2018; Jim has honed his craft and is the most highly sought after sign painter in Birmingham - working on exclusive residential properties, the best independent restaurants and shop fronts. Wherever you are in Birmingham, you're not far from a Seven 9 Sign. 

Seven 9 Signs T-shirt

Now we are over the moon to present 2 new T-shirts designed by Seven 9 Signs. The first is a 'staff T-shirt' - a work uniform Jim designed for himself, but which is so good we thought you deserve a chance to own one too.

Alright Bab T-shirt

The second carries on from a series of painted signs we sold in our Great Western Arcade pop up shops, featuring the ultimate Brummie greeting - 'Alright Bab!' and is available in black and pink.

Provide Zine 002 Seven 9 Signs

A well as the tees, Jim has also created a 40 page zine - an incredible collection of Jim's work, a behind the scenes look at his studio and various images that inspire him. Get yours here, or receive one free (while stocks last) when you order either of the Seven 9 Signs-designed T-shirts.

Provide Zine 002
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