Noisey Birmingham

Noisey Birmingham

Noisey Birmingham documentary

On Tuesday night we attended the premiere of Noisey's latest music documentary, as part of the Everyman Music Film Festival. Directed by Tayo Yusuff and hosted by Mike Skinner, the film follows Mike around Birmingham, interviewing the likes of Lady Leshurr, Mist and Jaykae, finding out what makes the scene here so special, and getting their thoughts on why it's only now that artists from the 0121 are starting to gain serious traction nationwide.

The documentary (above!) also includes interviews with local stars Lotto Boyzz, SafOne & Dapz on The Map, as well as taking the time to get some input from other voices who are totally removed from the scene, such as market traders and members of Birmingham's Irish community.

It's an encouraging, inspiring look at our city and the people driving its music forward, and we hope it motivates even more musicians here to take their art - and business - to higher levels.

If you've been sleeping on Birmingham's flourishing music scene, get up to speed with our Birmingham Street Anthems playlist on Spotify. Click here to listen now.


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