New Stuff!

We've got some new PROVIDE bits and pieces in store, as well as a couple of restocked items. Here's a quick look:

First up is the Pro Tee, with a white graphic on an athletic grey tee. It's clean, simple, and we love it. Like all our shirts, it's printed and labelled right here in Digbeth.

Next, just over a year on from when we debuted the Digbeth Tee, we present to you the Birmingham Tee. We're not sure why it took so long either, but here it is! Using the same font as the Digbeth Tee, but in a lighter weight because we had to fit more letters onto the same size canvas (high five, typographers!), we think it works beautifully. Don't you think it's weird how you can walk around Birmingham city centre and find loads of T-shirts that say London or NYC on them, probably more easily than you could find a Birmingham one? We're here to change that, one print run at a time.

Seeing as back to school and university time is fast approaching (sorry), why not kit yourself out with a PROVIDE backpack? Now available in forest green.

We've got badges, too, for when all your other PROVIDE clothes are in the wash. Buy a couple and put them on your jacket, bag, hat, scarf, shoelaces, or wherever else you could possibly think to pin them. Spread the word (and your local pride) everywhere you go! On a hyperlocal note, we've also restocked all sizes of the Digbeth Tee.

Finally, remember when Apple said they had something incredible to share (that one time) and they revealed with huge fanfare that they had created the same iPhone, but in white not black? And people went crazy over it? Well, that's exactly the reaction we're hoping for with our revolutionary Big P Tee in white. Okay, so we took the shirt you guys love the most and flipped it in a new colour way, but you can't say it doesn't work! So fresh and so clean, in store and online now.

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