Adventures in the snow


If you've been following the shop for any amount of time, you will have realised that we're not motivated by turning a quick profit. PROVIDE is a creative experiment as much as a business, and so we like to do things just because we can. Or because we are curious to see what happens when you try something new. The recent and unwelcome cold snap has upset a lot of people who have been waiting all Winter for Spring to come - people love Spring because it gets warmer, it's always been about new beginnings, and it means thoughts can turn to summer holidays, weekend barbecues and late night beer garden conversations. Instead, over the last few days it's been freezing cold, traveling places has been harder than it should be and it feels like there's been a certain air of pessimism around.

This, in turn led to people staying at home and moaning on Facebook about the snow. We're not about that life around here. Adventure is a daily choice, and a bit of adverse weather won't get in the way of us having fun or exploring our surroundings. On Saturday we posted short, vague messages on our Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr profiles suggesting that anyone who trekked out to the shop would be pleasantly surprised. We wanted to see who would be up for a walk through the snow to come down for a chat, without knowing what the surprise would be. Would it be worth going out in the cold?

To our delight, plenty of you turned up, looking like the Michelin Man and curious to know what the mystery was all about. If you saw those messages and didn't think it was worth the journey, you missed out on a huge 1 day snow sale, with almost everything in store reduced by 50%. Don't tell the accountant; it may not have made the most business sense, but it was worth it to see the look on people's faces when they realised that just by 'choosing adventure' and responding to our invitation, they were able to save a ton of money on stuff they'd been eyeing up for a while, or new arrivals that caught their eye. 

All prices are back to normal now, and we definitely won't be making reductions every time the sun hides away, but we hope that next time things don't go the way you wanted (weather, career, relationships!), rather than moping around at home you'll get up and go exploring. Adventure is a choice.

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