Opening Ceremony and doing what you love

Those of you who've visited PROVIDE in Birmingham will know that it's not really like a lot of shops. I don't mean that in a vain way, I just mean that we're not too hung up the the way things are traditionally done in retail. We just do things how we want to do them, so it's kind of amusing when people come in and ask "what's all this about then?", or say that they've never seen a shop like this before (it's surprising how often it happens), because to us it all just seems pretty normal. 

Obviously we're not unique in this DIY approach, and many other people have gone before us in doing business on their own terms. Carol Lin and Humberto Leon are two friends who started a shop in New York City which as well as inspiring the development of PROVIDE, has become one of the most important destinations in global fashion retail, with stores in LA, Tokyo and London.

To celebrate Opening Ceremony's tenth year, Rizzoli produced a beautiful hardback book full of everything you could want to know about the shop, including interviews with Carol and Humberto and their friends and collaborators, photography, artwork and stickers. We're excited to be able to offer this book for sale in store and online at PROVIDE.

Click here to buy "Opening Ceremony".

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