2014 student lock-in

It's that time of year again; new pens (do students even use pen and paper any more?), new backpack and student loans in the bank! Seeing as it's the start of a new term, and some of you will have only just arrived in Birmingham, it's only right that we hold a dedicated discount evening for our young studious friends (and future friends). This Thursday from 5-9pm is the only time of the year when you'll be able to get a student discount in PROVIDE, so come along, grab a free beer and make the most of 20% off all our clothing (including hats and bags) and 10% off all books and magazines. Get down early to get the best deals - there will be some end of line items that won't be restocked, and some new items that you'd be crazy not to snap up at a reduced price. Bring a student ID if you want cheap stuff, and an age ID if you want some free beer, especially if you've got a baby face.


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