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Interview with Andy Smallman from the Superprix Archive Project

Andy Smallman is a musician and motorsport fan with an industrial work ethic and unshakable pride in his hometown. Founder of the Birmingham Superprix Archive Project, we approached him last year with the hope of exploring their vaults to inform our own Superprix collection. The imagery we discovered was a treasure trove of late 80s graphics and photography, so we sat down with Andy to find out more about the races, their impact on Birmingham and the future of motorsport and creative culture in the city. We're both too young to have our own memories of the Birmingham Superprix! Where did your interest in the races come from?  When I was growing up my family were all into motorsport, and my...

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Art & Vinyl at Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Half way around the world from our studio, Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco is celebrating record cover artwork with a wonderfully curated exhibition of over 100 works of art created especially for an album, composer or musician. Spanning seven decades of incredibly varied styles, Antoine de Beaupré has brought together works from artists including Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat to Chris Ofili and Gerhard Richter.Something of a lifelong obsession and the inspiration behind our latest collection, Provide Records, artwork created for music has often pushed artists and designers to create exciting work, usually limited to the confines of packaging templates. It's an endless source of inspiration and we can only hope that this exhibition makes it across the pond some...

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Provide Records 001 Playlist

Music has always been integral to the inspiration and operation of Provide. Whether it's product collaborations with DJs and club nights, or hosting gigs for touring bands, Provide has always had an eclectic soundtrack. Our latest collection, Provide Records, was heavily influenced by artwork we came across while sifting through old record covers. This playlist gives you a little insight into the sounds that helped to create that collection. Enjoy!

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Provide Records - Interview with Sam Frank Wood

Portrait by Andy Oliveri When we decided to shoot the Provide Records collection in the middle of a daytime DJ set, Sam Wood was an obvious choice of photographer. With extensive experience of photographing musicians, Sam's documentary style is honest, personal and often humorous - much like the man himself. We sat down with Sam to find out a bit more about his work and inspirations. What do you like about photographing musicians? It’s a constant source of creativity; you can shoot in a style that reflects the band while adding your own perspective to enhance the overall image. It’s also a great way to meet people - when I moved to Birmingham about 4 years ago, I shot show after show for music...

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Provide x The Rainbow Venues

Provide’s core values are centred on creativity and community, and we have spent the last 5 years building relationships with people, brands and venues who share these principles. It’s because of our commitment to creating and promoting positive cultural influences that we are supporting The Rainbow Venues' campaign to #educatenotrevocate. City leaders must take a constructive position on venue licensing, in recognition of the economic, social and cultural value that the night time economy creates for our cities. We have designed a range of products for the campaign, which you can buy from Proceeds will go towards The Rainbow Venues’ legal appeal, and will help with much needed cash flow during this period of multiple venue closure.

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