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Do you ship outside the UK?
Yes. Everywhere!

I have a question about delivery.
Please see our 'Delivery' page.

What size should I buy/How do I care for my clothing?
Please see our 'Garment Care & Sizing' page.

Birmingham HQ

Where are you located and can I visit?
Our studio (212 Space) is where the magic happens, and it is open to the public on Fridays from 10-5. Outside of this time, shopping is by appointment only - please call us on 0121-769-2981 to arrange a visit. 

Our address is: Unit 212 Jubilee Trade Centre, Pershore Street, Birmingham, B5 6ND, United Kingdom. 

Getting involved

Would you like to sell my magazine?
We are not currently accepting submissions for new titles, sorry.

Can I have a job?
We are not currently looking for staff, but if you think you have something specific to offer, please get in touch - you never know what may come up in future.

The Brand

What's the story behind the name 'PROVIDE'?
PROVIDE was born out of a desire to reconnect people with the world around them, as we become more and more obsessed with living online. We spent the bulk of what little money we had on opening a physical shop rather than launching with just a website, because we passionately believe in the importance of real world relationships. We wanted to provide the city with a sociable meeting place where people can come together with a shared appreciation for design, music, art and ideas.  
On a philosophical level, the brand is a way of testing the popular (among some!) notion that if you are truly dedicated to your interests and ideals, the resources you need to achieve your goals will somehow be provided for you, whether by fate, a deity, 'The Universe' or just other like minded people. We don't necessarily subscribe to this worldview, but we're having a lot of fun putting it to the test! 

Are you ethical?
Please see our 'Ethics' page.

How long have you been around?
The idea for PROVIDE first surfaced in Summer 2011, and we launched on September 3, 2012.

Can I design for PROVIDE?
We are lucky enough to work with a number of incredibly talented artists and designers. If you think your style fits in with the brand, please get in touch.

I'm really good at making music/skating/baking. Will you sponsor me?

We are all about hardworking, talented people who are hungry to make their mark on the world. If you love what you do and you love our gear but are too poor to buy it, get in touch. We only work with a very small number of people on flow sponsorship - don't take it personally if we can't help you out this time. Stay in touch!