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Flag Tee (Black)

Our new collection, Superprix, is a celebration of 4 years of spectacular street racing in Birmingham. Between 1986 - 1990, the city's streets played host to all manner of races including F3000, British Touring Car Championship and Formula Ford 1600, among others.

Motion Tee, Circuit Tee (White), Race Flag

Over 20 years of planning finally led to the Road Race Bill being passed by government, making street racing legal for the first time in the U.K.

Marco Tee, Flag Tee (Black)

Each August bank holiday, 80,000 people would line the streets to see the likes of Damon Hill, Jean Alesi, Mika Hakkinen and Martin Brundle speed past.

Brake Tee, Motion Tee

Long since forgotten in many respects, the event was brought to our attention by a dedicated team of local motorsport fans, who have spent the last couple of years working tirelessly on The Birmingham Superprix Film and Archive Project

Circuit Tee (Black), Flag Tee (White)Race Flag

The BSFAP granted us unprecedented access to their extensive archive, providing a wealth of inspiration from trackside fan photos to official merchandise and press material, which served as various starting points for new Provide graphics.

Flag Tee (Black)Brake Tee

We are hugely thankful to The Birmingham Superprix Film and Archive Project for giving us free reign on this capsule, and we'd encourage you to follow their progress on Facebook and Instagram.

Marco TeeWorn by DK.

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