The Greatest Birmingham Christmas Gifts

It seems like everywhere you turn, people are talking about some kind of renaissance in Birmingham. At Provide we love being based here, and lots of our designs are influenced by the city. Here are our favourite Brum-inspired Christmas gifts - some from our own range and some from friends of ours that we love.

1. BHX Crewneck
Reminding people of the international status of our often-too-humble city

£50 - click here to view

2. Spaghetti Junction Tee
As much as some may hate it, it's a pretty amazing piece of engineering!

£25 - click here to view

3. Spaghetti Junction Artwork by Space_Play
While we're on the theme of Gravelly Hill Interchange...

£30 - click here to view

4. Hockley Tonic
Made in Hockley; taste your gin, not your tonic

£8 - click here to view

5. Central Library Artwork by Space_Play
Gone, but never forgotten with one of these on your wall!

£30 - click here to view

6. New Street Tee
Remember back when it was dark and concretey? This original sign hangs in our design studio.

£25 - click here to view

7. Brutal Key Rings
Carry an icon in your pocket. It should be safe from the City Council there.

£8 each - click here to view

8. BHX Tote Bag
For carrying all of the above.

£9 - click here to view

9. Bab Card
Still haven't sent your cards? Get on it sharpish!

£2.50 each or 10 for £15 - click here to view

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