We've made friends with a lot of talented, driven and inspiring people since arriving in Birmingham last year. One of these is Bunny, a DJ and producer who holds a residency at FACE and is well known amongst pretty much everyone who goes out in Digbeth.

Like us, Bunny is proud of the West Midlands and keen to share his local pride with the world. Gravelly Hill Interchange (better known as Spaghetti Junction) is a major Brummie landmark, and while some consider it a monstrosity Bunny thinks it's brilliant. One of his Granddads, Alexander Baine, helped to build it and his other Granddad, an engineer named Douglas Warren was one of the first people invited to drive across it before it officially opened in 1972. We've worked together on a T-shirt that celebrates this, which is now available in the shop and online here.

To coincide with the release of this T-shirt, Bunny has produced a mix CD which will be given away exclusively with each tee purchased. It features a House mix and a Hip Hop mix, giving an insight into Bunny's progression as a DJ - having started out producing Hip Hop tracks in school, he continues to love the genre that inspired him to make music whilst continuing his presence in the House scene in Birmingham and beyond. 

Bunny's first single, Chalk, was released earlier this summer on Berlin-based label Avotre.

Upcoming gigs:
Friday, 18 October: The Market Bar, Nottingham
Saturday, 19 October: FACE 4th Birthday Warehouse Rave, Birmingham

Get your PROVIDE x Bunny tee and mix CD here.

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