Do Book Co. - New titles

Back in March we introduced you to The Do Book Co., and we've recently received two new brilliant books from them which we're very excited to share with you. Do Lead by bestselling author Les McKeown is a short read that's packed full of practical advice for people who want to be effective leaders, in any walk of life. This is no glossy, motivational speech fluff, just honest, proven observations and guidance. 

Next, Do Purpose is by David Hieatt, someone whose career I've personally been following for a number of years over different business ventures. The book is about creating brands that have not just great products, but a purpose and a meaningful reason for their existence.

It will help you to build a strong brand that people are passionate about, and teach you to rethink a lot of conventional business wisdom in favour of creating something truly remarkable. This is a must read for anyone who already has, or is thinking about starting any kind of brand. 

 Buy Do Purpose here.

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