The Do Book Co.

The Do Book Co. got in touch with us a few weeks back to see if we'd be interested in stocking some of their books. As it happens, I've been following their progress, as well as that of Do Lectures and other interesting things that have come out of Cardigan for a while now (The Do Book Co. is based in London, but it was born from the Do Lectures which started in Cardigan and now also happen in California and Australia). Naturally, I jumped at the chance to have PROVIDE be their first Birmingham stockist.

Do Books are inspirational pocket guides, normally around 100 pages, which focus on the 'doing' associated with a specific topic. Each one is written by a previous speaker from the Do Lectures. The content is packaged beautifully with striking cover illustrations and all the books are printed and bound in Wales on Scottish-made FSC-certified paper. Everything about these books has been carefully considered, which makes them a perfect match for the PROVIDE ethos, and they are reasonably priced at £8.99 each.

We've currently got three titles in stock, and have had a sneak peek at future releases coming later this year, which look equally brilliant. Keep an eye out for more from The Do Book Co.!

Do/ Disrupt by Mark Shayler is a workbook to help you think differently and to develop world-changing ideas from concept to market.

Do/ Story by Bobette Buster will help you tell your story -whatever that may be- in an engaging way that ensures you connect on an emotional level with your audience.

Do/ Improvise by Robert Poynton will give you the confidence to wing it when life doesn't go to plan, by embracing change as a natural process to be managed with creativity and innovation.

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