Introducing SnapClip

Andy first came to the shop not long after we opened last year, and I remember on one of our first meetings, talking to him about a top secret business idea he was working on at the time. He didn't give too much away, but I was able to recommend a book to help with his business development, and told him to come back and keep me up date with how things were going. Now almost a year on, Andy has brought his concept to life through prototyping, and is looking to fund the first production run of SnapClips through crowdfunding website Kickstarter

SnapClip is a flexible, modular system for attaching common accessories to your bike, such as lights, puncture repair kits and even coffee cups. Not only is it a great idea, well designed and beautifully produced, it's all made right here in Birmingham.

Check out the SnapClip Kickstarter page to learn more about the product and pre-order your own SnapClip from the very first production run. You will only pay (and the manufacturing will only go ahead) if the full fundraising target is met by Friday December 13, so make sure you share the project with anyone you think may be interested.

If you want to check out a prototype for yourself, drop in to the shop where we've got one to show you how it works!

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